Valshara Games

Valshara Mud Client

Initial Release

The Android version of the Valshara Mud Client has been released and can be found on the Google Play store here. The app currently supports ANSI color, autologon, macros, and custom screen resizing. The user interface is designed with a mobile first approach, realizing that typing on a mobile devices is not as efficient as on a PC or laptop. Therefore there are arrow keys as well as buttons for each macro on the main screen. Future plans for the device include updating the UI to be more responsive in design, adding increased support for the telnet protocol, adding MCCP, adding more support for assistive technologies, and much more. The app is written in C# using the xamarin framework and I intend to add significant enhancements to it as noted above.

Below you will find screen shots of the app. The first is the standard navigation screen with movement buttons exposed. To get to the second, push the chat button which will open the keyboard. The third shows the option menu which I will be changing significantly in the future as I plan to incorporate a more responsive design and automate the screen sizing within the client.

Image of Playing a Mud on Smart Phone Image of Client with Keyboard Open Image of the Options Menu

Next Version

While this is subject to change, the next version of the app should include adding hidden labels to buttons to assist with screen readers, skipping punctuation and special characters in the mud window. It will also include an option to toggle the extended directions (nw, sw, ne, se) for muds that do not have them. Enhancements to the backend database will be done so that mapping data can be shared between users that desire it as well as the option to share settings between devices. More investigation into assistive technology features will also be done, as well as a revamp of how the available exits are currently determined to work with a greater number of muds.