Valshara Games


Update 12/7/2022

Work continues on the mud server. Currently updating the client to use Kotlin instead of using the Xamarin framework as Microsoft is ending support. More updates should be coming soon.

Update 9/10/2019

Work continues on the mud server. It now will compile, but because of changes made to the data files over time, the mud still will not complete bootup without crashing. Currently, the C code in affected areas is being converted to C++ and an effort is being put into minimizing the use of pointers so that the code will be easier to maintain and develop in the future.

Looking beyond this, the website is up and small changes are being made. Future plans include completing the responsive design with bootstrap, adding additional graphics and images to the site, and adding a JSP based contact page.

The app is on hold while this phase of development goes ahead as I am hoping completion of the website and getting the mud in working order will entice more people to give it a shot.

Update 8/3/2019

New website is up and running. Somethings are still being worked on, but the basics are here. An update to the mud client is in the works and will be out soon. Valshara mud is a much larger project as much of the code base has been lost and is being pieced back together from backups made over several years. More to come soon. Some parts of the website may not be working yet as I am still putting together the back end.