Valshara Games

History of Valshara

Valshara began as the Lost Realms mud in 1997, a mud based loosely on the smaug codebase with a goal of making an interesting multiclassed online game. In this incarnation, the mud lasted about 2 years before the coding and building team lost interest in the project and moved on to other things. The lead programmer for the mud left to another mud called Amethyst, where many of the same ideas were implemented and continued on there until the server was shut down by the hosting provider.

The lead programmer then recreated the original mud with pieces of the Amethyst mud added in and called it Valshara. This mud had an underdark theme and was intended to be completely original in its design. However, in early 2001, the leadership of the mud was recruited into TeraMud and the mud was shutdown. The codebase and areas were archived for several years after that.

In 2018, the former lead programmer of these muds returned to school to get his Master's Degree. As a part of the capstone project for the degree, an android mud client was created and he revisited muds only to discover that several were still thriving today. Seeing the potential for an android client to exceed the capabilities of existing clients, he continued working on the project after graduating.

After completing the intial phase of client development, it was realized that to truely reach its potential, server side elements needed to be created. Therefore ValsharaMud was removed from its archival state and work began anew, preparing for the day when both the client and mud can be worked on together.